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Simplify your fastener purchasing with one of the many programs Eagle Fastener can offer your company. One size does not fit all, at Eagle we are flexible and able to tailor a good fit for your individual business. Many programs marry up with the fastener replenishment system you have or choose. We have partnered up with the leading suppliers of industrial gravity fed racking to simple but practical plastic totes.

• Automated Replenishment
• Bin Stocking Programs
• Bin Stations Programs
• Blanket Order Release programs
• Integrated Supply Systems
• JIT Programs
• Pack & Hold Programs
• Special Packaging
• Special Labeling
• VMI Programs

Fasteners WorkstationsOur line of work centers include workbenches and mobile work tables that can be outfitted with a variety of storage bins, hanging systems, and cabinets to create useable, organized, and safe work stations. The workbenches and tables are available in many standard sizes from which to choose. The designs are perfect for heavy-duty, industrial applications. Contact Eagle and find out how our work stations can improve your productivity!

• Fastener Storage Systems & Bins Hanging Systems
• Bin Stocking
• Colored Coded Fastener Systems
• Mobile Stations
• Plastic Totes
• Small Parts Storage
• Storage Bins

Miscellaneous Products

72 Storage Bins
Mobile Station
72 Storage Bin 1
Mobile Station 1
Plastic Tote
Fastener Bin
Plastic Tote 1
Fastener Bin 1


Industrial Hand Tools
• Ball End L Keys
• Bolt Cutters
• Crimpers
• Drive Tools
• Hammers
• Hex Keys
• Hex Key Sets
• Long Arm Hex Keys
• Long Arm Hex Key Sets
• Pliers
• Pliers Sets
• Punches
• Rivet Guns
• Screwdrivers
• Screwdriver Sets
• Short Arm Hex Keys
• Socket Sets
• Specialty Tools
• T-Handles
• Tool Storage
• Torque Tools
• Wrenches

Industrial Power Tools

• Crimpers
• Drills
• Drive Systems
• Rivet Guns
• Screwdrivers

Other Miscellaneous Items


¼ Turn Hardware





Cutting Tools




Leg Levels


Pipe Hanging

Storage Systems

Saw Blades


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Contact Eagle Fastener

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