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Look to Eagle, we are able to work with you on your toughest fastener applications. The fastener knowledge we bring can assist in steering the program to the right part. Our proven track record demonstrates outstanding results. We focus our efforts on your application and total fastener cost reductions. The majority of the products we supply are per print semi standard or special fasteners. We can set these up on a blanket order, release schedule or single shipment. When you place your orders with Eagle you can rest assured your product will come in how and when you want it. Why Eagle? They are the best!


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Eagle Fastener’s history has a long line of per print parts, semi standard parts and special fasteners and components. Eagle Fastener Corporation percentage of special fastener and components represents over 60% of Eagles’ total sales. This means when you contact Eagle, your inquiry will be handled with by a quality technical sales professional that will walk your part through all the required steps. We handle each part with care and a fine tooth comb, so you get what you want when you need it delivered!

Cold Heading
Cold Forming
Heat Treat
Hot Forgings
Laser Cutting

Screw Machining
Secondary Process
Turned Parts
Water Cuttings


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Over 10,000+ items stocked, Delivery: Same day/next day, Pack & Hold, JIT delivery, OEM Services, 24-hour Emergency Service, Kitting, Inventory Management, Cost Reduction Services, Joint Analysis, Product Managers, Vendor Reduction Plans, Automation Products, and Distribution & Control.

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