Electronic Hardware

Eagle Fastener Electronic Hardware

Eagle Fastener offers a full line of standard semi standard, and special electronic hardware. We supply a wide range of materials from plastics to metals, with plating and many different finishes to the line of electronic fasteners. Many styles of fasteners can also be found in our spacer section. Besides a full complement of standard electronic components, Eagle supplies a tremendous volume of made to order specials. We know there are a lot of options out there to pick from. Eagle is ready and willing to make your fastener purchasing simpler and easy. We can cross reference many manufactures part numbers making Eagle your one stop fastener supplier. RoHS Compliant & DEFARS available.

Electronic Hardware

Standoff Hex
Knurled Thumb Screw 1
Shoulder Screw 1
Spade Connector 1
Wire Connectors 1
Standoff Hex
Knurled Thumb Screw 1
Shoulder Screw 1
Spade Connector 1
Wire Connectors 1


Eagle Fasteners maintains an extensive library of manufacture part numbers for fast and efficient cross referencing. If you have a manufacture part number call we and we will be able to quote you!
Yes! Our electronic hardware is RoHS Compliant.

Adhesive Back Cord Clips
Adhesive Backed Cable Tie mounts
Cable Ties
Cable Ties Mounts
Captive Panel Screws
Knurled Thumb screws
Panel Screw Washers
Panel Screw Retainers
Precision Shoulder Screws
Metric Precision Shoulder Screws
Precision Dowel Pins
Precision Washers
Shaft Collars
Hex Spacers
Round Spacers
Shaft Spacers
Spacers Nylon
Spacers Plastic
Swage Spacers
Hex Standoffs
Hex Male-Female Standoff
Hex Male-Male Standoffs
Round Standoff
Round Male-Female Standoffs
Swage Standoffs
Jack Screws
NIT Terminals
Fit Terminals
Fit Flared Terminals
Funnel Terminals
High Temperature Terminals
High Temperature Connectors
Quick Disconnect Terminals
Slip On Terminals
Spades Connectors
Butt Connectors
Wire Connectors
Wire Nuts


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