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Eagle Fasteners is your premier resource for wire rope, wire rope hardware, wire rope fittings, special wire rope, chain and chain hardware. Turn to Eagle Fastener for a wide range of wire rope and chain. Eagle Fastener offers tremendous value-added extras, like our extensive line of cost-effective solutions. Eagle’s service is second to none. Eagle is able to tailor our supply chain to meet your requirements and expectations. Eagle can supply your orders from a fast delivery ("I Need it now!") to program selling for large blanket orders.

Wire Rope

Aircraft Wire Rope
Wire Rope
Air Craft Wire Rope
Wire Rope
Eye Bolt
Eye Bolt
Lifting Eye Bolt
Lifting Eye Nut
Lifting Eye Bolt
Lifting Eye Nut
6-19 Bright Wire Rope
6-37 Bright Wire Rope
6-19 Galvanized Wire Rope
6-37 Galvanized Wire Rope
1X 7 Galvanized Wire Rope
7X7X7 Cable Laid Wire Rope
35 X7 Lower Rotation Line
1-19 Stainless Steel
7X7 Stainless Steel
7X 19 Stainless Steel
Aircraft Wire Rope ( not for aircraft use)
  •6 X 19 Stainless Steel
  •6 X 17 Stainless Steel
  •7X7 Galvanized Vinyl Coated
  •7X19 Galvanized Vinyl Coated
  •7X19 Stainless Steel (304) Vinyl Coated
Wire Rope Slings
2-Leg Bridle
3 leg Bridle
Heavy Wire Rope Thimbles
Wire rope Clips
Malleable Iron Wire Rope Clips
Turnbuckles Steel
Hook & Eye Turnbuckles
Hook & Hook Turnbuckles
Eye & Eye Turnbuckles
Jaw & Eye Turn Buckles
Swivels Eye & Eye
Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles
Turnbuckles Stainless Steel
  •Eye & Eye 304 Stainless
  •Jaw & Jaw 304 Stainless
Swivels Eye & Jaw
Shackles 304
Shackles 316 Stainless
Clips 304 Stainless
Clips 316 Stainless
Swivels Stainless steel
Swivel Chain
Wire Rope Sockets
Swivel Hooks
Clevis Hooks
Rapid Links
Eye Bolts steel
Eye Bolts Stainless Steel
Eye Bolts 316 Stainless Steel
Lifting Eye Bolts
Thimbles 18-8 Stainless (304)
Chain Grade 28
Chain Grade 43
Chain Grade 70
Chain 316 Stainless
Chain 18-8 Stainless
Chain Hardware
Chain Shackles


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