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Eagle Fastener stocks and supplies a complete line of anchors to meet all your anchoring needs. Our anchors are available in a wide range of sizes and materials including: steel zinc, steel HDG, stainless steel 18-8, stainless steel anchors 316, nylon and plastic. These fasteners can be used in a variety of base materials including concrete, brick, block, wood, drywall, sheet rock, plastic and other construction materials. Customers can find products that will meet any construction need including: wedge anchors, single expansion anchors, lag shield anchors, sleeve anchors, hammer in anchors, hollow wall anchors, solid wall anchors and anchoring screws. We will be more than happy to assist you from small ¼ cartons to full pallet orders. Call us and find out how Eagle Fastener’s service is second to none. You will be pleased with our attention to your fastener requirements.


Drop in Anchor
 Hollow Wall Anchor
Drop in Anchor
Nail Drive Anchor
One Step Anchor
Nail Drive Anchor
One Step Anchor
Wedge Anchor
Toggle Bolt Anchor
Wedge Anchor
Toggle Bolt Anchor
L Bolt Anchor
Plastic Wall Anchor
L Bolt Anchor
Plastic Wall Anchor

Anchor Bolts
Acorn Sleeve Anchors
Conical Plastic Anchors
Concrete Screws
Double Expansion Anchors
Drop In Anchors Steel
Drop In Anchors Stainless Steel
Drop In Anchors 316 Stainless
Expansion Anchors
Flat Split Drive Anchors
Hammer Drive Flat Nylon Anchors
Hammer Drive Mushroom Nylon Anchors
Hammer Drive Round Nylon Anchors
Hammer Drive Steel
Hammer Drive Stainless Steel
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggler® TA
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggler® TB
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggler® TC
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggler® TD 1
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggler® T35
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggler® T39
Hollow Wall Anchors Plastic Conical
Hollow Wall Anchors Plastic Ribbed

Hollow Wall Anchors Steel
Lag Shield
Lead wood anchors
Machine Screw Anchors
One Step Anchors
Sleeve Anchors Stainless Steel Acorn
Sleeve Anchors Stainless Steel Flat
Sleeve Anchors stainless Steel Hex
Sleeve Anchors Stainless Steel Round
Sleeve Anchors Steel Acorn
Sleeve Anchors Steel Flat
Sleeve Anchors Steel Hex
Sleeve Anchors Steel Rod Hanger
Sleeve Anchor Steel Round
Sleeve Anchor Steel Threshold
Solid Wall Anchors
Solid Wall Anchors Toggler® Alligator®
Toggle Bolt
Toggle Wings
Toggler® Toggle Bolts
Wedge Anchors Stainless Steel
Wedge Anchors Steel


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