Eagle Fastener Nuts

Eagle supplies a full line of nuts to meet your needs. The product line goes from simple tiny hex nuts to huge hot forge nuts. Do we carry Metric nuts? Yes, we supply the same full line of nuts in Metric!


Cap Nut
Castle Nut
Coupling Nut
Flange Nut
Cap Nut
Castle Nut
Coupling Nut
Flange Nut
Stover Lock Nut
Tee Nuts
Stover Lock Nut
Tee Nut
Top Lock Nut
Wing Nut

2H Heavy Hex Nuts
2-way Lock Nuts
2-way Lock Nuts Grade A
2-way Lock Nuts Grade B
2-way Lock Nuts Grade C
2-way Lock Nuts 18-8
2-way lock Nuts 316
A194 Hex Nuts
A563 Hex Nuts
Acorn Cap Nuts
Acorn Cap Lock Nuts
Nylon Acorn Cap Nuts
All Metal Lock Nuts
Cage Nuts
Cap Nuts
Castle Nuts
Castle Nuts 18-8
Castle Nuts 316
Clinch Nuts
Conduit Nuts
Coupling Nuts
Coupling Nuts 18-8SS
Coupling Nuts 316
Finished Hex Nuts
Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5
Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8
Finished Hex Nuts 18-8 SS
Finished Hex Nuts 316 SS
Hex Nuts 309 Stainless
Finish Hex Nuts Monel
Finish Hex Nuts Titanium
Flange Hex Nuts
Flange Hex Nuts 18-8 SS
Flange Hex Lock Nuts Grade F
Flange Hex Lock Nuts Grade G (grade8)
Flange Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut Grade F
Flange Hex Nylon Insert lock Nut Grade G (grade8)
Flexloc® Lock Nuts Light Duty
Flexloc® Nuts Heavy Duty
Flexloc® Stainless Steel
Free Spinning Nuts
Heavy Lock Nuts
Heavy Hex Nuts 18-8SS
Heavy Hex Nuts 316 SS
Hex Machine Screw Nuts
Heavy Nuts
Hex Nuts
Hex Jam Nuts
Hex Jam Nuts 18-8 SS
Hex Jam Nuts 316 SS
Hex Jam Lock Nuts
Hex Nylon Insert Locknuts
Hex Slotted Nuts

Large Flange Nuts
Large Flange Nuts Serrated
Large Flange Lock Nuts
Lock Nuts
K-lock Nuts
K-lock Nuts 18-8
Keps Nut Steel
Keps Nuts Stainless Steel
Nylon Nuts
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts 18-8
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts 316
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Brass
Nylon Insert Lock Nut Monel
Nut & Washer Assemblies
Open End Hex Cap Nuts
Panel Nut
Propeller Nuts
Push Nuts
Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts
Serrated Hex Flange Nuts
Serrated Hex Flange Nuts 18-8
Slotted Nuts
Slotted Hex Nuts Gr8
Slotted Hex Nuts 18-8
Slotted Hex Nuts 316
Spring Nuts
Square Nuts
Square Nuts 18-8
Stover Lock Nuts
Square Lock Nuts
Structural Nuts
Sealing Nuts
T-Nuts Stainless Steel
Tinnerman Nuts
Torque Lock Nuts
Weld Nuts Hex
Weld Nuts Square
Weld Nuts Round
Well Nuts
Wing Nuts Forges
Wing Nuts Stamped
Wing Nuts 18-8
Wing Nuts 316
Wing Lock Nuts
Wiz-Lock Nuts
Weld Nuts


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