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Eagle Fastener carries and stocks a wide range of standard and special pins. Pins are traditionally non-threaded in design for low cost and in many cases re-usability. Our pin product line includes the following: Bent Pins, Bridge Pins, clevis pins, cotter pins, dowel pins, grooved pins, hair pins, hinge pins, spring pins, and taper pins. The field further expands with a solid group of manufactures that can customize the components to specific applications or production line needs. Eagle Fastener’s sales team is standing by ready to respond to your inquiries and or questions you may have. If you do not see your product listed, call us and we will quickly get you an answer.


Cotter Pin
Dowel Pin
Spring Pin
Cotter Pin
Dowel Pin
Spring Pin


The pins listed bellow represents a large selection of current industry applications, but does not include all applications and designs. If your specific fastener is not shown simply contact us by email, fax or phone and Eagle will quickly respond to your inquiry. Call Eagle!

Bent Pins
Bridge Pins
Bridge Pin Stainless steel
Clevis Pins
• Clevis Pin Stainless Steel
• Cotterless Clevis Pins
• Headless Clevis Pin
Cotter Pins
• Cotter Pins Aluminum
• Cotter Pins 18-8 Stainless
• Cotter Pins 316 Stainless
Detent Ball Hitch pins
Dowel Pins Alloy
• Dowel Pins Oversized
• Dowel Pins 18-8 Stainless
• Dowel Pins 316 Stainless
• Dowel Pins Monel
• Dowel Pins 309 Stainless
Escutcheon Pins Brass
Escutcheon Pins Steel
Groove Pins
• Groove Pins 18-8 Stainless Steel

Groove Pins 316 Stainless Steel
Hair Pins
Hitch Pins
Knurled Pins
Lock Pins
Ring Cotter Pins
Rolled Pins
Slotted Roll Pins
Safety Pins
Snapper Pins
Spiral Pins
Spring Pins
• Slotted Spring Pins
• Spring Pins 420 Stainless Steel
• Spring Pins 18-8 Stainless Steel
• Spring Pins Copper Brylim
• Spring Pins 316 Stainless
• Spring Pins Monel
Taper Pins Steel
• Taper Pins 18-8
• Taper Pins 316 Stainless
• Taper Pins Monel


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