Metric Rivets

Eagle Fastener Metric Rivets

Eagle Fastener offers a full line of metric rivet products. We supply a wide range of materials head styles and finishes to the Rivet. Many metric rivets are asked for by part number with a grip range. The metric rivets and fasteners listed in Eagles’ web pages represent a large selection of current industry applications, but do not include all applications and designs. If your specific fastener is not shown simply contact us by email, fax or phone and Eagle will quickly respond to your inquiry. Call Eagle! If you do not see what you are looking for Please Call 1-800-323-6142!

Metric Rivets

Semi Tubular Rivet 1
Solid Rivet
Semi Tubular Rivet
Solid Rivet

Metric Solid Rivets

•Metric Brazier Head Rivets
•Metric Counter Sunk Head Rivets
•Metric Flat Head Rivet78°
•Metric Flat Head Rivet 90°
•Metric Flat Head rivet 100°
•Metric Modified Brazier Head Rivets
•Mushroom Head Rivets
•Metric Pan Head Rivets
•Metric Round Head Rivets
•Metric Truss Head Rivets
•Metric Universal Head Rivets
•Metric Tinner Rivets
•Metric Aluminum Rivets
•Metric Steel Rivets
•Metric Stainless Rivets
•Metric Copper Rivets
•Metric Brass Rivets

Metric Structural Rivets
•Metric Semi Tubular Rivets
•Metric Truss Head
•Metric Break lineing Rivets
•Metric Clutch Face Rivets
•Metric Universal Head
•Metric 100 ° Flat
•Metric Full Brazier Head Rivets
•Metric Drive Rivets Steel

Metric Metal piercing Rivets

Metric Special Rivets

Metric Steel, Aluminum

Metric Nylon

Metric Stainless
•Metric Hand tools
•Metric Pneumatic
•Metric Electric
•Metric Cordless

Metric Specialty Rivets
•Metric Monobolt
•Metric T-Rivets
•Metric Q-Rivets
•Metric Multi-grip
•Metric Back up Washers
•Metric Rivet Burr
•Metric Painted Rivets
Metric Semi Tubular Rivets

Metric Drive Rivets Aluminum

Metric Oval Head Rivets

Metric Shoulder Rivets

Metric Large Flange Rivets

Metric Tubular rivets

Metric Two Piece Rivets

Metric Rivet Tooling


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